5. - 7. Juli / July 5th - 7th

Unser studentisch organisiertes Sommerfestival holt Theaterinszenierungen und Performances von jungen Theaterschaffenden u.a. des PLETA - Netzwerkes, Erasmus Partnerschulen sowie von Schauspielschulen aus ganz Europa nach Salzburg. An drei aufeinanderfolgenden Spielabenden zeigt das Thomas Bernhard Institut im Theater im KunstQuartier Produktionen, die in ihren Backgrounds, Inhalten und Arbeitsmethoden verschiedener nicht sein könnten - eine Tatsache, die wir Studierenden des Thomas Bernhard Instituts konkret schaffen, um in unseren Räume die unterschiedlichen Ausdrucksformen und Konzepte erfahrbar zu machen. Bewusst verzichtet SALZIG ON STAGE auf ein Motto; praktische Vielfalt bestimmt das Programm.

It's Salzburg's self-organized festival of theatre and the performing arts - with and by drama students from Mozarteum Salzburg, the PLETA network from all over Europe, Erasmus partnerschools and actingschools from all over europe. On three evenings we will host productions at Theater im KunstQuartier, Paris Lodron Straße 2a.


Alle Produktionen werden mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt! / All of the productions contain english subtitels!


Programm / Program:


Mittwoch 05.07.2017 / Wednesday 5th of July
im / at THEATER IM KUNSTQUARTIER, Paris-Lodron-Straße 2a, 5020 Salzburg


'The dead dog at the dry cleaners: The Strong' von / by Angélica Lidell

Produktion der / Production by Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (Brno, Czech Republic).
Regie / Director: Juraj Marusic
Dramaturgie / dramarturgist: Matej Nytra
Kostüme / costume design: Jan Matýsek
Besetzung / Cast: Petr Hanak, Dominik Teleky, Marek Senkyrik, Michaela Rykrova, Markéta Hausnerova, Tatana Janevová, Mark Kristian Hochman

The production of the radical Spanish peformer-author-intellectual Angélica Lidell (1966) means a shocking and predictable challenge for the current fragmented situation of our continental midst. 'The dead dog at the dry cleaners: The Strong' (2007) is taking place in a surrealistic perspective of the fight for confession, gestures and expression, wich is also a commentary on itself and the demasculation of the nature of the theatrical conventions themselves and works in (un)suprising comparison with post-german-language as related pieces. 

It is time to call europe across the temperaments and prestige of it's own borders and cultural confidence to communicate and refresh their own chlichés!

It is necessary to achive a shame, a self-reflexive energy of the ability to uncompromisingly reflect our/your future! We and they - together against the fall to dementia of liquid europe.

Fotos: Anna Turkovà


'Tropfen auf heiße Steine' - von / by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Produktion des / Production by Max Reinhardt Seminar (Wien, Austria).
Regie / Director: Stefan Schweigert
Bühne+Kostüme / Stage+costume design: Larissa Kramarek
Besetzung / Cast: Max Gindorff, Markus Bernhard Burger, Clara Schulze-Wegener, Alina Hagenschulte

R. W. Fassbinder died 25 years ago. His heritage consists of over fifty films and theatre plays, including his second play 'Tropfen auf heiße Steine' ('Drops on hot stones') that he wrote at the age of 21 years. 'Tropfen auf heiße Steine' would be the ordinary story of a marriage - with seduction, daily life and separation - if it wouldn't take place between two men. The victim at the end of this quiet comedy is also the one who loves. Almost experimentaly Fassbinder puts his characters in a cage, Leopold's appartement, to explore the mechanisms of love, power and sexuality. The game with love is deadly game, a dirty game that one can not leave alive.

Fotos: Max Reihnardt Seminar Wien


Donnerstag 06.07.2017 / Thursday 6th of July
im / at Theater im KunstQuartier


'Es gibt kein richtiges (theater) im Falschen' - Performance von / by nr53

Produktion des / Production by Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Gießen (Gießen, Germany).
Regie / Director: Antonia Beeskow, Calendal Klose
Bühne+Kostüme / Stage+costume design: Antonia Beeskow, Calendal Klose
Besetzung / Cast: Antonia Beeskow, Calendal Klose

"I have always loved the theatre, and yet I never go there anymore [...] What happened? When did this happen? Have I changed or the theatre? Do not I love it anymore or do I love it too much?" - Roland Barthes

Feeling. And then silence. Fade-in a stringreplica. Then basic light. Then theatre fog rises. Then feeling. Then silence. Then basic light. In our experimental set up of the stage we review the gesture and elements of classic theatre for the performance art. Fake blood, beautiful spoken texts, dry eyes and black light as iconic symbols of passion. We want to bring theatre to the performance stage and expose us and the audience to great feelings and reason. Failure as chance and theatre as utopia. We've patched the costumes, fixed the make up, learned the lines. Armed words with wings. Rehearsed gestures. Got into it. All we need now is you, my Darling.

Fotos: nr53


Die ganzen Wahrheiten - Schauspiel von Sathyan Ramesh

Produktion der/ Production by Theaterakademie August Everding München (München, Germany).
Regie/ Director: Shenja Lacher
Besetzung/Cast : Nora Schulte, Theresa Weihmayr, Philip Rosenthal, Emery Escher, Marie Preußler, Kjell Brutscheidt

Einmal glücklich sein. So richtig glücklich. Das wünschen sie sich alle. Aber was heißt das? Und wann sollte man es spätestens sein? Wann ist es zu spät, um es zu werden? Fünf Figuren auf der Suche nach dem Glück, dem Leben - und den ganzen, eigenen Wahrheiten.

Fotos:Jean-Marc Turmes


Freitag 07.07.2017 / Friday 7th of July
im / at Theater im KunstQuartier


'Ibsens's Bodies' - Physical Theatre based on the plays by Henrik Ibsen

Produktion des / Production by National Academy of Dramatic Arts Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland).
Regie / Director: Anna Malinowska and Michael F. Rogalski
Bühne+Kostüme / Stage+costume design: tba
Besetzung / Cast: tba

When the body experiences emotions it begins to work, move and catch attention of viewers. The relationship between people and their bodies are indeed the ways of transfering impulses and emotions and triggering reactions. In Ibsen's play where the structure of meanings and sensations is so dense the bodies of the protagonist are constantly bombarding each other with their emotions. The norms and the social roles in Ibsen's possible worlds do not allow these emotions to be expressed freely. In this situations bodies begin to work against the rules they should be obeyed to. They are always on the bring of corruption. In our project we want to speak about people and their bodies. About reactions to death, sudden loss, lack of love, inner emptiness.


'Salzburg SHOWCASE' -

Produktionen der / Productions by Mozarteum + (SEAD) Salzburg Academy of Experimental Dance  (Salzburg, Austria).

Mozarteum Music Department:
Besetzung/Cast: Maria Lydia Mayr (Cello), Felipe Celis Catalán (Gitarre)

Thomas Bernhard Institut, Mozarteum Salzburg (Acting Department):
Scene from "The Reunification of the two Koreas"
Regie/Director: Ulrike Arnold/Jörg Lichtenstein
Madeline Gabel, Christopher Eckert, Kai Götting

Choreografie/Choreographer: Bry Prunelle
Dancers: Margareta Firinger; Shiri Perelmuter; Susanna Ylikoski


*Danach /After that Party at Shakespeare (Hubert-Sattler-Gasse 3, 5020 Salzburg)*



Vorankündigung Salzburger Nachrichten 05.07.2017


Termine / Dates

Theater im KunstQuartier, Paris-Lodron-Straße 2a, 5020 Salzburg


05. Juli / July 5th 2017 

18:00 - The dead dog at the dry cleaners: The Strong
20:30 - Tropfen auf heiße Steine




06. Juli / July 6th 2017

18:00 - Es gibt kein richtiges (theater) im Falschen
20:30 - Die ganzen Wahrheiten


07. Juli / July 7th 2017

18:00 - Ibsen's Bodies
20:30 - Salzburg Showcase

danach/after that- Party at Shakespeare!


Hier geht's zum Tagesprogramm im Thomas Bernhard Institut/
Here you can see the Dayprogram at Thomas Bernhard Institut
(nur für FestivalteilnehmerInnen und geladene Gäste/ just for festivalmembers and guests)


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